We understand you are on your way to check out the water maker systems available for your boat! However! We want you to take advantage of the opportunity to  join our community of boaters and receive 3 free liveaboard lifestyle E-books!

Boat community

Liveaboard Lifestyle

Are you transitioning into boat life? We have made an E-book that makes the transition a little bit easier. With some tips and tricks that you don’t think about being a land person!

Finding peace with motion sickness

Motion sickness is what breaks a sailing family from chasing their dreams. Inside we talk about how to fight against motion sickness without drugs.

Ocean etiquette

We have learned a lot about the coral reefs in 3 years of traveling. A small guide into the dos and Don’ts of snorkeling while traveling on your boat!

Happy smiles

"I am so excited to see how this platform will transform my liveaboard experience. I have met with the family who is building this and they are an absolute joy to be around! Good luck!"

- Allie Grater

" I love the idea of this app becoming a reality because it secures my fear of not making enough money to keep traveling. However, this app is so much more than just income opportunity, its the community that makes or break your liveaboard experience and I want to be fully immersed!"

- Lucia Denton