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Services in Jacksonville

John has a wide knowledge when it comes to anything in the Marine industry.  He specializes in Mechanics and electrical services, but has a reliable reputation beyond those skill sets.  Hire him to fix your boat issues, or to help you with a project. 

Top-Notch Services

Honest, genuine marine services 

St Augustine

” Thanks for working with me on this project! I learned so much from John and truly appreciate the patience it must have taken to walk me through this project. “


Installing Solar panels on an anchored sailing vessel in the beautiful waters of  Essex Connecticut.


” I thought for sure my boat was going to eat my savings whole. John showed me that the quote I was given was invalid and found a more affordable solution to my problem. Thanks! ” 

Motor Mechanic

Outboard, Diesel, Generators. 

Renogy Solar Expertise

Install services and educational consultations  can be provided apon request. 

Watermaker Expert

We offer a watermaker brand that we support  full heartedly as cruisers in the community. We offer install services and are confident in our ability to walk you through every system available. 


Ballast Marine Services will be in Jacksonville as a proof of concept to our upcoming App we are building for the boat community. Thank you for supporting us!