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Want to teach a class? Host an event? This membership allows you to make profit from hosting events or classes.

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What's included

We are so excited for you to jump aboard our Cruisers Business Platform! All we need from you is to fill out some basic business information and then you are all set to build your business profile how ever best fits you and your business. If your business is not legal and you have not done the proper work to establish yourself with your home base state, we do need for you to do that before signing up for a Cruiser business account. 



Build your business the right way! After completing a job , your clients can rate your work, upload photos and recommend you to friends


Buy, Sell, Trade your products, services , or events!

BEcome a host!

Want to teach a class? Host an event? This membership allows you to make profit from hosting events or classes.

Keep track of business

Bare with me as I sort this feature out but coming soon all Pro members can create, manage and save all invoices, scheduling and payer options within the app coming soon. The website wont have these features.

Cruisers App 

Coming soon!

We are working with an app developing team to build an app that will show an interactive map for all of our members! Just open up the app and see who around you has a service or product to offer, what jobs are available for pick up. What events are being hosted in your area and a few more awesome features.

We are working on a reward system that will keep you motivated to run business within the app. A monthly winner will be chosen for best business practice, Merch will be awarded, gain access to port supply accounts and other awesome perks for simply using the app the way it is being designed!

All members! The app will be designed to showcase what local services/products can be found near by, events happening, and emergency notifications

We are working on a broadcas that can be sent to anyone within a geolocation of the sender. This beacon will reach out to anyone who’s phone number is linked to their account and will broadcast emergency notifications such as boat fires, dragging, and help aid. 

Eventually we want the app to handle time stamping, invoicing and estimates, Affiliate partner links, and google integrations.

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