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Are you licensed and insured? This membership is for Captains, Divers, Mechanics, Plumbers, Fiberglass experts, boat yard workers, Surveyors , Riggers, and the list goes on. If you are not insured, We can help you get that going! Send us an email at with the headline ” insurance provider aid”. Promote your business here , so that folks around you can find you, review your services, see time available, and book your time. 

Do you travel on a boat and still want to make passive income while you travel? This is a place to market your small business. Whether you are a hair dresser, massage therapist, dog walker, harbor nanny, Tamale Tuesdays , Yoga instructor , What ever it may be, you can market it to the boaters around you. Grow your business and take it with you where ever you may be. ( In the United States only for now) Start building a business reputation and watch it grow!

We are working with third party services that makes running a business more efficient. Each membership has the choice to upgrade their business account with third party softwares for additional costs. A $9.99 monthly fee is charged monthly or annually for space on our platform to advertise your business and for insight to content that is not available for free users.


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