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The Ultimate Friend-ship

What is Cruisersapp

Building Community

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Build a business

We want to make it easier for you to make passive income throughout your travels. Set your profile to professional and gain access to business tools that makes running a business simple and efficient. Whether you are a dog groomer, nail technician, exotic cat breeder , massage therapist, jewelry crafter, if you want to share your skill sets/crafts, this is a good place for you!

Seeking a professional?

So are we! If you a licensed and insured mariner worker, We would love to build a relationship with you. We are working on a reward system that provides our professionals a support system using brand partnering and awareness. Networking with our community can bring you to amazing places.

Mariners MArketplace

Buy, Sell, Trade, Barter services. List your boat parts and market it to a community who cares about your junk!

Host a class/Event

Drum circle on the beach? SUP Board Yoga? How to service your outboard? Host a class and win points!


We are working on building a Cruisers net that can be Globally inspiring for our listeners. We have plans to release downloadable content perfect for your offshore experiencing. We want to encourage our community to share your favorite story with us! Share your story and get a gift from us. Click here to submit content you want to share with cruisers.

Share your edicational content

Keep it educational! Post content here that helps fellow boaters be better. Links to YouTube is accepted.

Interactive map coming soon

Instant messaging neighbors (for emergencies or concerns) , See what services they have to offer or what they are seeking and send them invites to near by events.

Chat your neighbor.

Is there a boat dragging? Need to reach your neighbor but you didnt get their boat card? Sync the upcoming app with your phone number and receive notifications if someone sends your a boat emergency notification.

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Each month we are going to choose one winner for sharing their live aboard journey with our hashtag. 

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You may have joined for the perks, but stayed for the community.

We are building this app to help bridge the gap between new and old boaters and their habits.. Unfortunately the VHF is overturned by new boaters cussing at one another, and this has resulted in less and less people keeping their radio on. Our map feature in the app is a good place to see who is around you, what skills, services, or products they have to offer, but it’s also a safety tool. Direct message your dragging neighbor, or release an emergency notification that will reach anyone who’s number is registered with the app and is within a certain distance from shared location. 


We are working very hard to get this app to you as soon as possible. We would love to hear more about what part of this app interests you. Join our early bird family now for access to free live aboard E-books and opportunity for your story to be highlighted in our monthly boosted story times. Early bird members will have say in how we develop this platform, opportunities to win awesome gifts from our partners, and first access to the platform once it is live and on the market.