Welcome Aboard Friend-ship

We are building something beautiful and we want you to be a part of it! Join us as we put the unity back in community . A networking space for boaters to connect, exchange, and nurture the beloved boating community energy. 

We have started building the platform, all we need is for you to be a part of it! Join our early bird group for special offers, perks, and inside scoop on the stages of this journey. Your opinions are valued and we want to hear what you have to say!

The Memberships

Basic Member- This is for everyone who owns a boat. If you dont own a boat, this community is not for you. 

Professional Licensed and insured: Calling all individuals who work as a Captain, Mechanic, Electrician, plumber, fiber glass expert, Rigging and surveyors . The list can go on but if you are licensed and insured and want to work on your own schedule this is the membership for you!

Cruisers business: Start a business from your boat! Whether you are a hair dresser, massage therapist, dog walker, jewelry maker, Pizza dinghy deliverer and you want to make passive income while traveling this is the membership for you! 

Welcome aboard Friend-ship

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What excites you the most ?

We are building the community before launching the app. If you would like to come aboard as a professional in any skill trade please send us an email at tuscdevelopment@gmail.com

Coming soon

Cruisersapp map feature!


Words from our supporters!

Cruisers are excited!

” I love traveling, but I found it difficult to make extra money while traveling.  This platform idea will give me a space to start a business and market it to the right people. I want to take boat dog photos and this will be my gateway in! Great Idea guys”- Jennifer Bailin, Motor vessel Jenasourusrex

” I literally fix everything. I have more value in tools on my boat then the boat is worth. I have cruised for many years and worked  on other peoples boat every now and then. This platform will help me build a reputation for my work ethic and it will make finding work a whole lot easier. I love this idea! ” — Anonymous friend. 

” Im so excited for this app! The mapping features are going to be a major game changer for boaters.”- Derrick smith SV_ Nottoday

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